Overcoming Anxiety – A Guide to Thrive in Chaos

Your body is shivering and you’re gasping for air. You take in heavy breaths and exhale fully, simply because you read somewhere that focusing on your breathing will take your mind off of the worries and bring you back to the much acclaimed present moment. Your mind won’t listen to you and it keeps going … Continue reading Overcoming Anxiety – A Guide to Thrive in Chaos


A Voice Beneath the Culture

When everything is a subject to infinite entropy and change. Can you trust your feelings? One moment your excitement is over the roof and a minute later, you're down in the gutter. One second, you know exactly what you want and another second, you're lost in the oblivion of your meaninglessness. What do you rest … Continue reading A Voice Beneath the Culture

On Human Relationships, Loss and Depression

40% of clinical depression in teenagers is caused by breakups in relationships. 12% falls into moderate to severe depression. 10% fall into substance abuse. We have been brought up to act a certain way when we meet somebody for the first time. Greet them first and don’t forget to smile, introduce yourself and try not … Continue reading On Human Relationships, Loss and Depression

A Comedic Approach To Life

Everything about life is a joke. Don't you know that? ~Kurt Vonnegut   A nihilistic way to view life is to state the meaninglessness of it all and how impermanent everything is. The trees are gonna disappear, the ice is gonna melt, and everyone is eventually gonna die. You spend the majority of your life … Continue reading A Comedic Approach To Life