Sanitary Stigma- Are You Comfortable Talking About Periods?

I look back a little embarrassed and sad at a certain event at school in 9th Grade. Someone had presented the teacher's desk with a sanitary napkin. Covered in spotless white plastic, clean, the pad was curiously turned over, poked at. Some certain classmates thought it was the funniest thing to have ever occurred and [...]


Feminism:- Lost In Translation

PART OF THE FEMALE PITY PARTY? One fine evening as I struggled to hail any means of transport to get back home, suddenly an auto screeched to stop in front of me. After one triumphant air fist bump,  I directed my attention to the driver. The icing on my victory cake was a lady driver. [...]

Do You Want to be Your Own Boss?

The first day of my last vacation back at home had me walking the hallowed streets of MG Marg. There as I stood, taking in all the familiar sights, I sensed a certain change in aura. Gone were most lazily strewn bodies dragging their feet over the grey tiled stretch. What I noticed were numerous [...]