Understanding COVID-19 from a Socio-medical Aspect

The internet is already packed with instructions on dealing with the effects of this deadly virus, but how do we distinguish the truth from mere rumours? This article will help you understand Covid-19 from a socio-medical perspective.

Chhanda Poetry in Nepali Folklore | A Shout-Out

This article is about a significant element of Nepali Culture which seems to be fading in the modern world. There is a significant lack of knowledge due to the seemingly unremarkable prevalence of the subject among the majority of the youth in Sikkim (as per the author’s personal study of people around him).

आरामले भैहाल्छ

बग्नु छ कालैको पानीझरिको छिटाहरुका नदि बनेर, उड्नु छ यी हाड्-मासमा प्वाँख सरीका पखेटा बनाई, मनस्पट्टमा हिजो बुनेको मझेत्रो म आज ओढ्ने छु न सुक्ला नदि त्यो, वसन्तको तापमा न झर्ला मझेत्रो शिशिरको विलापमा म उडि् रहन्छु त्यो कालो आकाशमा, होस कालै त्यो दृष्य, चमेरा सरिका। सोंचदा सोंचदै मैले सयौं भाषण दिई सकें, एकान्त मै … Read moreआरामले भैहाल्छ

Half of The World is Already Dead

Yes, I got you! You’re certainly (not probably, but who cares, right?) thinking as to why I have given such a heading. To begin with, about 7.5 billion people are living on earth today, and never was the population on earth around 15 billion. A typical Marvel fan might be wondering, “Is this related to … Read moreHalf of The World is Already Dead