2 min read Japanese literature, its culture and its chief and the most culturally significant art forms, Manga and Anime have us spellbound making us either an Otaku or a Weeaboo. We have over and again exercised thank you “Arigato” and I love you “Aisheteru”, two important phrases we picked up reading subtitles from animes.

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1 min read I don’t Have hands,
But I want to touch you, hold you,
Feel your every line, your curves and your edges.
I want to hug you, connect the soul from my woody brown with that of your serene white body.
All day, all night.
I know I’m tough, I know you’re brittle
I know we’re inanimate,
But if we make it, our love will be immortal.

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2 min read In the pitfalls and ups of life and relations                                                                 I have seen friends try to run for greatnessAnd fall in the pits of hypocrisy. Continue reading “”

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2 min read A compilation of painful memoirs of an array of funeral visits.
A piece of poetry beautifully expressing deep emotions and uncomfortable truths about deaths and disappearances of loved ones.

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6 min read Rohonit Hang shares his views on how letting in BJP will be toxic for Sikkim.

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2 min read I was innocent when I was born. There were times when I didn’t know about rape, child abuse, racism and other social evils.I simply didn’t hate anyone or rather I didn’t even know how to hate.There is an unusual calmness that we take for an understanding when we are deluded by the motliness of the Continue reading “”

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3 min read This folk story might be different than the one you have heard/read. It is a mere collection of all the folk stories about the two river spirts: Rongeet and Rongnyu.

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6 min read Just as we can understand the functioning of the society or the situation of the lives of a particular time in history by looking at the art of that particular era. Similarly, we can understand the temperature of our present world by looking at modern art forms. The modern world finds itself expressing freely in Continue reading “”

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4 min read We can either react to criticism constructively to improve, or in a negative way that can lower our self-esteem and cause stress, anger or even depression and anxiety in severe cases (when you’re surrounded with too many morons to deal with in everyday life).

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1 min read Clean as the morning dew, colourless and transparent it began its cycle
It had but one goal, to complete its journey back to that cloud.

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