Anmol Gurung – God is a filmmaker

Anmol Gurung (Director of Appa) – Lessons on living a creative life Anmol Gurung, @anmolyellow a well-known filmmaker, writer and director from Kalimpong, India talks about his journey in the filmmaking industry. Red: How do you stay productive during lazy days? Anmol: Why I think lazy days are not so lazy for me or for anyone else … Read moreAnmol Gurung – God is a filmmaker

Prajwal Parajuly | Picking The Brain of a Genius

Prajwal Parajuly

Prajwal Parajuly, the author of “The Gurkha’s Daughter” and the novel “Land Where I Flee” allows us a little peek into his mind.

Bipul Chettri and the Art of Culture

In this article, Bipul Chettri discusses the challenges of being a musician and how an artist must thrive in the 21st century.

The Music of Taba Chake – and the art of effortless creativity

Singer-songwriter Taba Chake hails from a small town called Doimukh in Arunachal Pradesh- an independent artist, singer, performer and a dreamer who likes travelling and exploring different cultures. He has made his presence felt even in a fast-paced city like Mumbai with his trilingual album “Bombay Dreams”. His songs are gaining momentum each day as … Read moreThe Music of Taba Chake – and the art of effortless creativity

Chhanda Poetry in Nepali Folklore | A Shout-Out

This article is about a significant element of Nepali Culture which seems to be fading in the modern world. There is a significant lack of knowledge due to the seemingly unremarkable prevalence of the subject among the majority of the youth in Sikkim (as per the author’s personal study of people around him).

The Headhunters of North-East India | Infamous tales of the Konyak Tribe from Nagaland

They often attacked nearby villages of other tribes, chopping off heads of opposing warriors and bringing them home as trophies to hang in the Morong(a communal house). With the exception of these displays of violent behavior, the tribe members always used to and still, to this day, respect their traditions and other cultural practices, even though headhunting has ceased to be a part of the Konyak lifestyle.

An Inquiry of the Truth

Our body is only the sheath but the sward blade is our soul. Here, the sheath (the body) is an illusion and the sword blade ( the soul) is the truth (SATYA) but we believe in what we see, we’re only human and chiefly rely on the imformation our senses provide us with, so for us sheaths in the shape of a sword itself is the ultimate truth!

आरामले भैहाल्छ

बग्नु छ कालैको पानीझरिको छिटाहरुका नदि बनेर, उड्नु छ यी हाड्-मासमा प्वाँख सरीका पखेटा बनाई, मनस्पट्टमा हिजो बुनेको मझेत्रो म आज ओढ्ने छु न सुक्ला नदि त्यो, वसन्तको तापमा न झर्ला मझेत्रो शिशिरको विलापमा म उडि् रहन्छु त्यो कालो आकाशमा, होस कालै त्यो दृष्य, चमेरा सरिका। सोंचदा सोंचदै मैले सयौं भाषण दिई सकें, एकान्त मै … Read moreआरामले भैहाल्छ