2 min read In the pitfalls and ups of life and relations                                                                 I have seen friends try to run for greatnessAnd fall in the pits of hypocrisy. … Read moreFall

The Funeral

The Funeral.png

2 min read A compilation of painful memoirs of an array of funeral visits.
A piece of poetry beautifully expressing deep emotions and uncomfortable truths about deaths and disappearances of loved ones.

A Dilemmatic Drop

2 min read Clean as the morning dew, colourless and transparent it began its cycle
It had but one goal, to complete its journey back to that cloud.

The Scars We Hold

< 1 min read Every laugh she holds back curtails her glory. She is a queen inside her cage, Every scar on her body has a story,   away from all the anger and rage.  Alone- that’s where she stands On that podium of loneliness higher than anyone else. Without giving any consideration to those hands who lashed her, perchance. She is … Read moreThe Scars We Hold

Dear Conscience

2 min read [Meant for all the people in the world reminding them never to give up.] Dear Conscience, Valerie does it everyday. She cries and weepsAnd goes astray. “Just a hard time”, she saysShe was going throughBut all of us us knewThat this was not very true. She had problems unknownFighting demons of her own. Everyday was like a living … Read moreDear Conscience

एक समय को कथा

< 1 min read   मनको कुरा आँखामै झल्के के पो समस्या थियो र! बितेका घटनामा ढल्कन्दै जाँदा लुकेछ कथा त। समय बित्यो सम्बन्ध छुट्यो, बाहिर पो हर्ष देख्यौ जन्मि‌‍‌‍एका ती अनंत प्रश्न संकोचले नै छेक्यो।   के गर्नु साथी कलिलै छ मन्, यस्तै नै भैँ हाले चिनेछौ सोच्नु गलती भएछ, खै बुझ्दैन मनले।   चाहेन मनले कुरा बुझाउन … Read moreएक समय को कथा