The Headhunters of North-East India | Infamous tales of the Konyak Tribe from Nagaland

3 min read They often attacked nearby villages of other tribes, chopping off heads of opposing warriors and bringing them home as trophies to hang in the Morong(a communal house). With the exception of these displays of violent behavior, the tribe members always used to and still, to this day, respect their traditions and other cultural practices, even though headhunting has ceased to be a part of the Konyak lifestyle.

It’s Time to Wake Up!

3 min read If you support this global cause comment and let us know you are there too. We are counting on you.

A Different Kind of Dasai

2 min read My grandmother remembers a different kind of dasai, She talks about old sunny skies, A time when the golden rays smiled upon her face, When the breeze spoke of the valiant goddess, When the earth rejoiced every Autumn, She remembers a different kind of dasai. My grandmother smiles wistfully at me, Her old, green eyes … Read moreA Different Kind of Dasai

Teesta – Rangeet | A Folklore

3 min read This folk story might be different than the one you have heard/read. It is a mere collection of all the folk stories about the two river spirts: Rongeet and Rongnyu.

Is it Bright Enough? | Based on Gorkhaland Agitation of 1986 (FICTION)

6 min read This work of fiction is based on the 1986 Gorkhaland Agitation led by the Gorkhaland National Democratic Front (GNLF) Supremo, The Mahamahim, The Raja of the Hills, Late Mr. Subhas Ghising in the enchanting land of thunderbolts, Dorje-ling or as we like to call in now, Darjeeling. The agitation took a violent turn in the mid ’86. This short story finds its setting in such a background of a local tea estate of the name Tukvar which constituted a fundamental population of GNLF supporters during this agitation,

Get Out Of The Smog- An Ultimate Guide To Touring in Sikkim

7 min read Whether you’re a digital nomad or just a travel enthusiast seeking for that perfect getaway, Sikkim has definitely got to be on your bucket list. This might sound like an exaggeration but trust me, travelling to Sikkim is like one of those classic Bollywood locations where you can picture yourself driving along the serpentine roads … Read moreGet Out Of The Smog- An Ultimate Guide To Touring in Sikkim

In Memory Of Rahul Rai- A Musical Genius

3 min read I was in seventh grade and I had very little knowledge about music. In fact, the only 500mb CD I possessed was burned with a hundred and fifty skater punk songs from artists such as Blink 182, Sum 41, Green Day and NOFX. I worshipped them and boom-boxed the entire colony on weekends with lyrics … Read moreIn Memory Of Rahul Rai- A Musical Genius

Kick – Off | Why is Football so prevalent in Sikkim?

3 min read The Himalayan foothills host a passionate group of people, lively and on the move at all times. One thing that an amazing number of North-Eastern people hold dear is the game of football, spending most of their evenings either playing or watching a game. The magnificence of Gangtok’s footballing arena cannot escape one’s eyes. Palzor … Read moreKick – Off | Why is Football so prevalent in Sikkim?

The Himalayan Gold Rush Conspiracy- Is There Gold In The Himalayas?

6 min read As I sat there on the front seat of that old bus and looked outside towards the white mountains I couldn’t help but wonder at the sheer degree to which the place had changed. The road being one of the things escaping the effects of time still remained dusty and irregular, giving a rather horrid … Read moreThe Himalayan Gold Rush Conspiracy- Is There Gold In The Himalayas?

Of Books and Cafes | Must Visits Namchi (Local Edition)

2 min read Have you ever found yourself wondering what to do on a lazy day in Namchi? Namchi is a charming small town filled with spirited people. If ever you find yourself in Namchi you will have many places to visit, most of which are, for pilgrims and religious sites like Chardham, Sai Mandir, or Samdruptse. But … Read moreOf Books and Cafes | Must Visits Namchi (Local Edition)