Dumb Maturity

2 min read I was innocent when I was born. There were times when I didn’t know about rape, child abuse, racism and other social evils.I simply didn’t hate anyone or rather I didn’t even know how to hate.There is an unusual calmness that we take for an understanding when we are deluded by the motliness of the … Read moreDumb Maturity

Internet and the Paradox of Choice

3 min read The observable universe of an individual on the third planet from the sun is plagued by change in climate for the worse, large scale conflicts, ignorance and an inherent lack of altruism, if he chooses to acknowledge what he sees.

Negative Impacts of Online Shopping

2 min read “Due to the booming economy, more and more Indians have started to shop online. In 2018 the amount of online shoppers was 223 million compared to a mere 94 million as of 2015. Today, Indians can shop from almost anywhere and get anything they like and they do.”

Brief Nuances on Nihilism

< 1 min read How is a man to continue living when he realizes that he is nothing?

Humanity Shall Prevail – Are you willing to play a part in the advent of a massive revolution?

3 min read The nature of human existence, not just existence of all life in general, (notice that I deliberately and in whole presence of my mind put the word human there,) comes with a huge responsibility of one’s own thoughts or actions, unlike most other living beings, who follow a predetermined biological path of life. Being the … Read moreHumanity Shall Prevail – Are you willing to play a part in the advent of a massive revolution?

Life has treated us well

2 min read Although, we’ve had our own bunch of insecurities and inferiorities creeping in from our cerebrum,Although life has seldom dragged us inside dungeons of what our minds tell us look like hell; Life has and continues to provide us with our own special set of “ups and downs”, only later to be fondly remembered as memories. … Read moreLife has treated us well

A Difficult Topic

2 min read With a password well known, I swipe and swipe just to come across headlines that might, trigger my interior out of good sight. “Molestation”, bewailed the headline. As I felt anger seeping in with a sign of no indulgence, but a crime of aspiring to excruciate the one molester next in line. The perpetuity of … Read moreA Difficult Topic

The Weight of Words

4 min read Language was created as the medium of communication. Language is complex. Communication is rare. When I was in elementary school, my language teacher made us memorize the definition of language as a means of communication. Different people have different languages to express their feelings and emotions. Language is of two forms, written and spoken.Grammar is … Read moreThe Weight of Words

The society’s Forbidden Love

2 min read Love, I believe is something we all desire. No matter how much we pretend, we all need a little bit of love. I also believe every religion teaches us to love one another. The sad thing is – we were born in a society that taught us that a man should love a woman and … Read moreThe society’s Forbidden Love