Know Your Artist

#1: Santosh Gandarva | Sarangi Player

Santosh Gandarva is a sarangi player who has been winning people’s hearts with his music along the streets of Gangtok.
He comes from a community known as “Gainey” who have their roots in Nepal and have been playing music since time immemorial.
He caught Bollywood Music Director Pritam Da’s attention when a passerby posted a video of him online.

#2: Swastik Sarkar | Travel Photographer

An inspired and aspiring travel photographer, who is an engineering student by day. Watch the short video to get to know about Swastik Sarkar and his eye for photo art.

#3: Pagel Lepcha | Digital Artist and Photographer

Pagel Lepcha is a blend of lines, colours, pixels and pallettes with his interests colliding healthily between digital art and photography.

Know Your Artist #4: Subha Rai | Singer/Songwriter from North East India

Subha Rai is a musician from Gangtok, Sikkim.

Know Your Artist #5: Aabishkar Thatal | Singer/Songwriter

Aabishkar Thatal is a young inspiring singer songwriter from North-East India.

Know Your Artist #6: Praveen Khwairakpam | 25-Year-Old Doctor from NE India Makes mind blowing paper art.

Praveen Khwairakpam is a 25-year-old doctor from Manipur, currently in Sikkim. Growing up in Imphal, he always had a passion for art. While spending his years as a medical student in Sikkim Manipal University, he found the curiosity and passion to try his hands on paper art.

Through his online community @artsy_papers on Instagram, he keeps the fire of his passion alive.

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