A Storytellers Evening

A storytellers Evening

The very lives we live are stories and every day we are drawn into a cycle of storytelling and listening to stories without even being fully aware of it.
From the ancient times, we humans have used storytelling as a tool to communicate not only to our peers but with the future generations as well. Wall paintings in caves, the hieroglyphs and all the books are just examples of stories being told.
Stories have a very unique effect on us. At some point, we’ve all been roused by a heroic story or crestfallen at a tale of woe. They have the power to motivate, inspire us and help us feel like we are a part of something.
We believe in looking at storytelling as much more than just a means of communication. Rather, we look upon it as an agent of change.

Rediscovering Humanity (2017)

To be kind is to be brave”
After the spontaneous back-packing and hitchhiking trip through the Northeast India, two friends of mine reached Sikkim, they had a total of Rs. 400/- combined, which they needed to get back to Bombay and Odissa. In their trip they told me something that stayed with me for days.
“If 49 cars don’t stop for us in our hitchhiking trip, the 50th car that does stop, helped us realise that the forty nine others feared that we could be murderers. The people who stop could have been kidnappers,but the 50th car was warm to strangers. It helped us restore our faith in the idea that makes us unkind. To be kind is to be brave.”
Taking this worldview in mind, a  “Storytellers Evening” on the topic of “Rediscovering Humanity” was conducted on Buddha Cafe at 27th December with the motive to rekindle the waning faith in Humanity through real stories of our local legends .
Our speakers for the event were:
  1. Rewaj Chettri, a serial entrepreneur listed in the Forbes 30 under 30 who inspires millennials to innovate and create.
  2. Dewaker Basnet, an educator, philanthropist and an entrepreneur who has been working dedicatedly in shaping the young minds of the country.
  3. Shubham Pradhan, an entrepreneur, designer and a storyteller who narrates the struggles and aspirations of the local public through his page, MG Marg Tales.
  4. Jagdish Pradhan, a bureaucrat, an educator who teaches people to embrace stillness and spirituality by practicing daily meditation.
  5. Sandip Chettri, a recovered drug addict, who now helps hundreds of addicts to escape the clutches of addiction and get their life together.