About 17 bottles of Whiskey later

13 min read My  mouth  felt  stale.  It  probably  had  everything  to  do  with  Kolkata’s  lack  of  morning  air.  I  could  feel  the  stagnant  files  of  yellow  taxi’s,  puffing  clouds  of  black  smoke;  their  rubber  tyres  melting  on  the  burning  asphalt  and  I  could  feel  the  viscous  tar  clogging  the  networks  that  ran  under  my  skin.  I  could  … Read moreAbout 17 bottles of Whiskey later

A Night in Kumartali

11 min read One humid Kolkata night, as the remnants of the previous night’s bottle found itself depleting, I walked out to the neighbourhood bootlegger. The setting of the area seemed to be an unvarying one – the endless alternating between the dim light and the tranquil darkness, the shuffling footsteps, the limp figures seeking darker shades in … Read moreA Night in Kumartali

The Scars We Hold

< 1 min read Every laugh she holds back curtails her glory. She is a queen inside her cage, Every scar on her body has a story,   away from all the anger and rage.  Alone- that’s where she stands On that podium of loneliness higher than anyone else. Without giving any consideration to those hands who lashed her, perchance. She is … Read moreThe Scars We Hold