The Himalayan Gold Rush Conspiracy- Is There Gold In The Himalayas?

As I sat there on the front seat of that old bus and looked outside towards the white mountains I couldn’t help but wonder at the sheer degree to which the place had changed. The road being one of the things escaping the effects of time still remained dusty and irregular, giving a rather horrid […]

Homemade Rockstars of Denzong – How has Western Music Shaped Sikkim into a Mini-America?

Western music has emphatically influenced folks of North-east through the years. However, each passing decade brings about a new wave of musicians and genres. This article, if goes in accordance with my intentions, will take you in a headbanging journey to the times when our grandfathers were jamming to the “Abba”, and humming to Bob […]

The Gangtokian Hallyu : Why K-pop is so popular in Sikkim

  How many of us reading this right now have posed with the 사랑 ‘Sarang -love’ (the finger heart)? How many of us have at least seen it in selfies and pictures across Instagram? I’m betting you have.   The Hallyu wave or the Korean wave has spread through the world like wildfire. People all over the […]