The Funeral

The Funeral.png

2 min read A compilation of painful memoirs of an array of funeral visits.
A piece of poetry beautifully expressing deep emotions and uncomfortable truths about deaths and disappearances of loved ones.

A Night in Kumartali

11 min read One humid Kolkata night, as the remnants of the previous night’s bottle found itself depleting, I walked out to the neighbourhood bootlegger. The setting of the area seemed to be an unvarying one – the endless alternating between the dim light and the tranquil darkness, the shuffling footsteps, the limp figures seeking darker shades in … Read moreA Night in Kumartali

Half of The World is Already Dead

4 min read Yes, I got you! You’re certainly (not probably, but who cares, right?) thinking as to why I have given such a heading. To begin with, about 7.5 billion people are living on earth today, and never was the population on earth around 15 billion. A typical Marvel fan might be wondering, “Is this related to … Read moreHalf of The World is Already Dead