A Rather Ordinary Way of Life

9 min read “In a country that was of the people, for the people and by the people his selfishness had blinded him. It had always been at the back of his mind, the guilt of corruption always floating there but he hadn’t given it a greater thought.”

Internet and the Paradox of Choice

3 min read The observable universe of an individual on the third planet from the sun is plagued by change in climate for the worse, large scale conflicts, ignorance and an inherent lack of altruism, if he chooses to acknowledge what he sees.

An Absurdist Rebellion and The Pursuit of Happiness

3 min read Anything can be philosophy, form opinions, think about things, anything, the nature of existence to the nature of homework, because in all its uncertainty, philosophy is the most human thing you can do. Everybody is a philosopher, composing maybes to answer questions we cannot know.

Get Out Of The Smog- An Ultimate Guide To Touring in Sikkim

7 min read Whether you’re a digital nomad or just a travel enthusiast seeking for that perfect getaway, Sikkim has definitely got to be on your bucket list. This might sound like an exaggeration but trust me, travelling to Sikkim is like one of those classic Bollywood locations where you can picture yourself driving along the serpentine roads … Read moreGet Out Of The Smog- An Ultimate Guide To Touring in Sikkim

M.G. Marg is the mirror of the new Sikkimese Culture

2 min read Mahatma Gandhi Marg, most commonly known as M.G. Marg is the face of Gangtok. Carved among buildings and roads in the hill, this is a pavement filled with flora, all groomed with lights that make the place look prettier. By the day, under the blue sky and yellow sun, it almost feels like heaven, with … Read moreM.G. Marg is the mirror of the new Sikkimese Culture

A Masculine Mask : How Patriarchy Hurts Men

4 min read The word patriarchy is derived from Greek Patriakhēs which means ‘the ruling father’ – used in order to explain a society made of families where the father is the head and the decision maker of the family and where children and the women have little or no say in these decisions. In this structure, power … Read moreA Masculine Mask : How Patriarchy Hurts Men