1 min read Sonam Bhutia writes an empowering letter backed with pure emotions and deep love to his home, his Darjeeling.

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6 min read This work of fiction is based on the 1986 Gorkhaland Agitation led by the Gorkhaland National Democratic Front (GNLF) Supremo, The Mahamahim, The Raja of the Hills, Late Mr. Subhas Ghising in the enchanting land of thunderbolts, Dorje-ling or as we like to call in now, Darjeeling. The agitation took a violent turn in the mid ’86. This short story finds its setting in such a background of a local tea estate of the name Tukvar which constituted a fundamental population of GNLF supporters during this agitation,

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13 min read My  mouth  felt  stale.  It  probably  had  everything  to  do  with  Kolkata’s  lack  of  morning  air.  I  could  feel  the  stagnant  files  of  yellow  taxi’s,  puffing  clouds  of  black  smoke;  their  rubber  tyres  melting  on  the  burning  asphalt  and  I  could  feel  the  viscous  tar  clogging  the  networks  that  ran  under  my  skin.  I  could  Continue reading “https://redendron.com/wp-content/themes/gridd”

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3 min read By Wangchuk Bhutia It was early afternoon and the sky was confused whether it was winter,  summer or the monsoons. I  strolled up and down Kalimpong’s  Main Road three times and an unfamiliar feeling that I managed to recognize at once struck me heavily, bluntly; it stabbed me and it cloaked me. It was this Continue reading “https://redendron.com/wp-content/themes/gridd”

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