17 min read Her slender body moved with the rhythm. Her hair was long till her waist, a black veil that one could see at the exaggerated shampoo ads. Her black jeans further diminished her limbs to a woody menagerie. Her waist had suffered a massive change, anyone could have easily mistaken her for a woman.

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5 min read The quaint little bookstore stood at the farthest corner of the road. The sunlight quite didn’t reach it and the smell of damp moss permeated the air. The little abbreviations on the door once golden were now rusty. The door seemed old and creaky and the dust settles on it almost as thickly as snow. Continue reading “https://redendron.com/wp-content/themes/gridd”

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2 min read Love, I believe is something we all desire. No matter how much we pretend, we all need a little bit of love. I also believe every religion teaches us to love one another. The sad thing is – we were born in a society that taught us that a man should love a woman and Continue reading “https://redendron.com/wp-content/themes/gridd”

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