Overcoming Anxiety – A Guide to Thrive in Chaos

Your body is shivering and you’re gasping for air. You take in heavy breaths and exhale fully, simply because you read somewhere that focusing on your breathing will take your mind off of the worries and bring you back to the much acclaimed present moment. Your mind won’t listen to you and it keeps going … Continue reading Overcoming Anxiety – A Guide to Thrive in Chaos


A Night in Kumartali

One humid Kolkata night, as the remnants of the previous night’s bottle found itself depleting, I walked out to the neighbourhood bootlegger. The setting of the area seemed to be an unvarying one – the endless alternating between the dim light and the tranquil darkness, the shuffling footsteps, the limp figures seeking darker shades in … Continue reading A Night in Kumartali

The Pretty Circle of Life

Nine years ago. Snip, snip. The snippets of callously cut hair falls on the ground of the salon. She looks at herself in the mirror. Chubby cheeks, round face, a bit of acne – exactly what most fifteen year olds look like. She looks into the mirror and feels slightly self conscious. Her mother is … Continue reading The Pretty Circle of Life

Life has treated us well

Although, we’ve had our own bunch of insecurities and inferiorities creeping in from our cerebrum,Although life has seldom dragged us inside dungeons of what our minds tell us look like hell; Life has and continues to provide us with our own special set of “ups and downs”, only later to be fondly remembered as memories. … Continue reading Life has treated us well

The Rigidly Vulnerable Nature of Human Superiority

The vastness of the universe, kickstarting at a cellular level in the building block of our body, at the observation of the cell and its organelles, that's where we start, from the beginning of existence and till the subject of continuity of race. Changes undergoing and undergone, we humans have somehow survived extinction. Seeing other … Continue reading The Rigidly Vulnerable Nature of Human Superiority

Musing on the Minstrels of Nature

Sometimes, the best and the most beautiful things in life are right at our own doorsteps but go by unnoticed, like the seasons that change each year which brings about such a transformation in our environments, they assume newer forms they've never had before and never will have again. We seek multiple sources of entertainment … Continue reading Musing on the Minstrels of Nature