1 min read Clean as the morning dew, colourless and transparent it began its cycle
It had but one goal, to complete its journey back to that cloud.

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2 min read “Due to the booming economy, more and more Indians have started to shop online. In 2018 the amount of online shoppers was 223 million compared to a mere 94 million as of 2015. Today, Indians can shop from almost anywhere and get anything they like and they do.”

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2 min read Ignorance is Great. It brings the ignorant so close to the great. Yet the ignorant know not the divine plot that the universe conspires to help it uplift from its ignorance. This Great ignorance is blinding. What is it that you hurry for? For what haste do you spit on your brother? What veil is it that blinds the eye? Blame not the veil because it is your own will to ignore and your own resistance to act. While you consider the crowd to be in the right direction. You seek not your own answers.

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3 min read Tinder has become the novocaine of the millennials who are looking for a “hook-up”. As Tinder turns 6, it has made huge strides in the online dating community by almost becoming a synonym to online dating. The millennials have gulped on the new trend as they did on every other trend that has come out Continue reading “https://redendron.com/wp-content/themes/gridd”

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