Hold Tight, My Love | A Poem for My Love, My Queen, My Darjeeling

< 1 min read Sonam Bhutia writes an empowering letter backed with pure emotions and deep love to his home, his Darjeeling.


2 min read In the pitfalls and ups of life and relations                                                                 I have seen friends try to run for greatnessAnd fall in the pits of hypocrisy. … Read moreFall

A Rather Ordinary Way of Life

9 min read “In a country that was of the people, for the people and by the people his selfishness had blinded him. It had always been at the back of his mind, the guilt of corruption always floating there but he hadn’t given it a greater thought.”

The Himalayan Gold Rush Conspiracy- Is There Gold In The Himalayas?

6 min read As I sat there on the front seat of that old bus and looked outside towards the white mountains I couldn’t help but wonder at the sheer degree to which the place had changed. The road being one of the things escaping the effects of time still remained dusty and irregular, giving a rather horrid … Read moreThe Himalayan Gold Rush Conspiracy- Is There Gold In The Himalayas?

Tihaar Aayo Aagana | Welcoming Diwali

2 min read Hills are often known for their quiet and peace, where the day dawns early, and the town sleeps by eight o’clock. The number of people hanging out in the streets by the nights is trifling. However, all of that changes in the month of October. The days seem to go on for longer, and the … Read moreTihaar Aayo Aagana | Welcoming Diwali