Can we recreate Mawlynnong? | Inside Asia’s Cleanest Village

Mawlynnong, Meghalaya – God’s Own Garden (Asia’s Cleanest Village)

How not to fuck up your college years | Everything you need to know about surviving college

I fucked it up but not as badly as there was point of no return, but enough to know how not to fuck it up.

Fishing for Salmon in a Croc Infested Bog | Handling Criticism

We can either react to criticism constructively to improve, or in a negative way that can lower our self-esteem and cause stress, anger or even depression and anxiety in severe cases (when you’re surrounded with too many morons to deal with in everyday life).

Taboo | Aizawl Hijra

Her slender body moved with the rhythm. Her hair was long till her waist, a black veil that one could see at the exaggerated shampoo ads. Her black jeans further diminished her limbs to a woody menagerie. Her waist had suffered a massive change, anyone could have easily mistaken her for a woman.


By Wangchuk Bhutia It was early afternoon and the sky was confused whether it was winter,  summer or the monsoons. I  strolled up and down Kalimpong’s  Main Road three times and an unfamiliar feeling that I managed to recognize at once struck me heavily, bluntly; it stabbed me and it cloaked me. It was this … Read moreAndhyaroo

The Himalayan Gold Rush Conspiracy- Is There Gold In The Himalayas?

As I sat there on the front seat of that old bus and looked outside towards the white mountains I couldn’t help but wonder at the sheer degree to which the place had changed. The road being one of the things escaping the effects of time still remained dusty and irregular, giving a rather horrid … Read moreThe Himalayan Gold Rush Conspiracy- Is There Gold In The Himalayas?

Overcoming Procrastination for a Mentally Sound State

You’re supposed to leave for work in five minutes but you can’t because you’re unable to find the goddamned stapler. How do you staple the papers you just finished working on? What’s up with all the rush? It’s because the work was assigned three weeks ago by the boss and you pulled an all-nighter as … Read moreOvercoming Procrastination for a Mentally Sound State

Mysteries of The Sinister Tradition: ‘Kapat’

As I sat there staring at the mountains glistening like gold under the morning light I recalled my last moments with my father, a drunken man making faces behind the back of his complaining wife and his seven-year-old daughter laughing at the scene from a crack in the door. I observed the valley below and … Read moreMysteries of The Sinister Tradition: ‘Kapat’

North East India’s Obsession for Smelly Food

Diwash had done it, and the atmosphere was intense. For he had done the one thing that none in our class had ever done. He had packed ‘Kinema’ for lunch, and the word had almost immediately gone around. When the lunch bell rang, me and a few of our lunch buddies stood affixed at the … Read moreNorth East India’s Obsession for Smelly Food