She Speaks at Midnight

3 min read Ignorance is Great. It brings the ignorant so close to the great. Yet the ignorant know not the divine plot that the universe conspires to help it uplift from its ignorance. This Great ignorance is blinding. What is it that you hurry for? For what haste do you spit on your brother? What veil is it that blinds the eye? Blame not the veil because it is your own will to ignore and your own resistance to act. While you consider the crowd to be in the right direction. You seek not your own answers.

An Absurdist Rebellion and The Pursuit of Happiness

3 min read Anything can be philosophy, form opinions, think about things, anything, the nature of existence to the nature of homework, because in all its uncertainty, philosophy is the most human thing you can do. Everybody is a philosopher, composing maybes to answer questions we cannot know.

You’re a Masterpiece of Evolution

3 min read Let your mind be free of prejudice for next 3 – 4 mins. For once forget the ability to differentiate between the ugly and the beautiful, good and bad, sad and happy, disgusting and soothing. Imagine your mind to be like the sky. Forget the colours and forget that you want success or need a … Read moreYou’re a Masterpiece of Evolution

Kick – Off | Why is Football so prevalent in Sikkim?

3 min read The Himalayan foothills host a passionate group of people, lively and on the move at all times. One thing that an amazing number of North-Eastern people hold dear is the game of football, spending most of their evenings either playing or watching a game. The magnificence of Gangtok’s footballing arena cannot escape one’s eyes. Palzor … Read moreKick – Off | Why is Football so prevalent in Sikkim?

Shamballa- The Spiritual Orgasm

8 min read ~ Ancient Egyptians believed that upon death they would be asked two questions and their answers would determine whether they could continue their journey in the afterlife or not. The first question was, “Did you bring joy?” The second was, “Did you find joy?” Leo F. Buscaglia ~ JOY. In psychology, happiness is the state … Read moreShamballa- The Spiritual Orgasm

M.G. Marg is the mirror of the new Sikkimese Culture

2 min read Mahatma Gandhi Marg, most commonly known as M.G. Marg is the face of Gangtok. Carved among buildings and roads in the hill, this is a pavement filled with flora, all groomed with lights that make the place look prettier. By the day, under the blue sky and yellow sun, it almost feels like heaven, with … Read moreM.G. Marg is the mirror of the new Sikkimese Culture

Rise of Female Taxi Drivers in Sikkim – Destroying Gender Restrictions to Job Options

3 min read First things first, this is not a debate. So the lefts and rights can eat popcorn and read this article. A common yet misleading notion pops up if you were ever to imagine a Sikkimese taxi driver. A sturdy but slightly crummy guy at his late thirties, bearing a tattooed arm, who has a soft … Read moreRise of Female Taxi Drivers in Sikkim – Destroying Gender Restrictions to Job Options