Rape is no more news!

Good things travel slowly. Bad things have their wings spread as far as our eyes can see. This article does not point out the victims or the ones who have committed this crime. This article should point out to each and every one of you who knows how shameful and disgusting this topic has become [...]


Feminism:- Lost In Translation

PART OF THE FEMALE PITY PARTY? One fine evening as I struggled to hail any means of transport to get back home, suddenly an auto screeched to stop in front of me. After one triumphant air fist bump,  I directed my attention to the driver. The icing on my victory cake was a lady driver. [...]

The Twilight of an Abyss

With the advent of the idea of the word "Nature", an association of trees, streams, mountains and clear breeze paved way for something that stood outside civilizations- not just trees and wildlife, but also Humans. Humans are at the highest strata of the social ladder. Our genius and intelligence can be blamed for placing ourselves [...]