An Inquiry of the Truth

2 min read Our body is only the sheath but the sward blade is our soul. Here, the sheath (the body) is an illusion and the sword blade ( the soul) is the truth (SATYA) but we believe in what we see, we’re only human and chiefly rely on the imformation our senses provide us with, so for us sheaths in the shape of a sword itself is the ultimate truth!

You’re a Masterpiece of Evolution

3 min read Let your mind be free of prejudice for next 3 – 4 mins. For once forget the ability to differentiate between the ugly and the beautiful, good and bad, sad and happy, disgusting and soothing. Imagine your mind to be like the sky. Forget the colours and forget that you want success or need a … Read moreYou’re a Masterpiece of Evolution

The Battle of The Sexes | Understanding the Opposite Sex 

3 min read Hi there, this is not actually a war between the genders but basically just an understanding of the psychology that governs certain aspects of everyday life. We’ve all heard of sexist cliches like, “Men don’t listen”, “Women are crazy,” “Men don’t think with their heads”, and “Women can’t read maps” that pop up now and … Read moreThe Battle of The Sexes | Understanding the Opposite Sex