The Himalayan Cleanup 2019 (feat. Redendron)

The Himalayan Cleanup 2019

The Himalayan Cleanup is a single day event wherein all the 12 mountain states of India participate in cleaning the pristine mountains. The mountains according to local legends are considered pure and holy but due to the massive influx of tourists and the citizen’s neglect and indifference, our mountains are turning into dustbins.
Redendron feat. Voyage at the Himalayan Cleanup Campaign 2019

The motive of the Himalayan Cleanup is not only to clear the wastes but also to understand the cause of it.

The cleanup was organised at May 26, 2019, and the site that was selected was Tashi View Point, a place frequented by local youth as well as the tourists.
The cleanup allowed the youth of Sikkim to witness the waste problem firsthand by getting their hands dirty. Also understanding the causes and the types of waste that was generated was a start in the journey towards a Zero Waste Lifestyle. 

The findings of the cleanup are mentioned as below:
124 PET bottles
859 Chips Packets
132 Cigarette Packets

To our surprise, we also found a dictionary.

If we can make Kim Kardashian’s butt go viral on the internet, if we can make dab sexy and spend countless of hours watching videos of JCB excavating, then we should definitely make having environmental conscientiousness the next viral thing. As we embark on a journey towards a cleaner and greener planet, it is imperative for the young minds to come together as a collective to discuss ideas and solutions to save our planet. 

Zero waste isn’t just a concept. It is a lifestyle and it is a mindset.

Thanks to “Zero Waste Himalaya” for giving us this opportunity and “Voyage” for teaching us to think sustainably.