The Redendron Show

The redendron Show

The Redendron Show is an attempt to create a community of like-minded people who have something substantial to contribute through their art and creativity, whilst preserving our culture. We are not funded by anybody and what we do is a collaborative effort of our team members who consist of mostly college students, but true artists at heart.
With this channel, we will be exploring the lives, habits and mindset of the most promising youth of Sikkim. Since we are limited in budget and experience, please do expect a few turbulences in quality and also, suggestions are most welcome. This is our first step and we promise to keep growing!
Episode #1– Bardan Tamang talks about the Hip-Hop Culture in Sikkim. He is a B-boy from Gangtok, a former member of LOL(Legion of Love) and current member of United Freaks Dance Crew. Learn about how he is exploring the Hip-Hop Culture, Breaking, B-boying in Sikkim while balancing his education.
Episode #2 – Tenzing Tsundu talks about the skate culture in Sikkim with anecdotes and exciting experiences from his past life. He is the founder of Skate Konnect, which comes about with an initiative to promote skateboarding in Sikkim and encourage everyone from children to adults to take a little time for the beautiful sport.
Episode #3 – Rohonit is the founding member of two of the most well-known hip-hop dance houses in Sikkim, i.e. BRSTP CREW and Legion of Love Dance Studio. He is also a member of The Darling Writers, a collaboration of young writers of Sikkim. He is a blogger at Redendron and is now currently working for The Gangtok Times.
Episode #4 – “Cube is like life. Everything is scrambled initially and it’s a puzzle. It is only by constantly trying to look for the best possible solution that it starts to make sense.” – Tilak Chettri A.K.A. Mr. Cube. Combining the talent of portrait making and cube solving, Mr. Cube has put up a unique art for us. His talent has taken him to different platforms. He also plays drums and has participated in multiple events.
Episode #5 – A three-instrument maestro musician from Darjeeling, Aditya Chettri has graced us with his presence on this episode of The Redendron Show. He shares some tidbits to aid you in the process of becoming a sensational, creative musician. He says, being a musician in this part of the world requires resilience, rebellion and a perspective both based in the subjectivity of the art and objective reasoning. The technicality of music theory is as important, if not more than the emotional aspect of burrowing your way through into the core of becoming creative with an instrument in your hands. Towards making the instrument a physical extension of your own self.
Episode #6 – Hriidaii Raj Chettri is a student of class 12th in Holy Cross School, Tadong. Coming from a boarding school, Hriidaii was a victim of bullying in his early years at the school. Started writing at the age of 10, he seeks inspiration from writers like Sigmund Freud, Stephen King, and Marcus Aurelius. He specializes in the genre of fiction and has his writing accounts on different sites like Reddit, Wattpad and Instagram. Being an Ex-Paulite and a present Crossite, he has done his schooling in two Catholic institutions which inspired him to try his hand at the Horror genre. Currently, he is a Science student but says that his heart and soul belongs to writing and philosophy. He is working on his novel, tentatively titled ‘Introspective’, which can also be found on his Wattpad account. At a very early age of 16, he is a prolific writer and has written in many genres which have been read and appreciated by various universities in and outside the country.
Episode #7 – Nitesh Bagdash a.k.a. NIZ is a rapper from Sikkim, North-East India who shares his story of his journey with hip-hop music. He is in the process of building a hip-hop community, with his teammates from all districts of Sikkim. His goal with his new community is to unify all the rap and hip-hop artists in Sikkim and provide them with ways to gain recognition, while he grows as a rapper and a leader himself.
Episode #8 – Raul Jeremiah Rai is a teacher and a philosophy enthusiast who enjoys challenging current educational norms with his unconventional means of teaching. He believes in retaining the curiosity of his students by teaching them techniques such as mind mapping and other various other fun games. He likes to implement his knowledge from various fields such as mathematics, philosophy, literature and other dynamics to his teachings. He takes inspiration from personalities such as Richard Feynman, Stephen Covey, Albert Camus, Friedrich Nietzsche and others
Episode #9 – Sailesh Sharma (The Bad Friend) is a prolific musician/singer/songwriter from Sikkim, North East India. In this episode of The Redendron Show, he shares his story about his journey with his guitar(s) and classical music, shares his vision of the future of musicians in Sikkim and plays a breathtaking composition of his own. Stay tuned till the end!