The Absurdity of a Wistful Existence

In the midst of the wavering shores of loud oceans of aversion, rests a heap of grains of sand that has thrived on the perplexing but supporting system of hopefulness that keeps them unwetted by the oceanic water. Systems being created out of mere dust that call in to hold a place in the Multiverse... Continue Reading →


Can we define life? Yes, the absence of death. Now, this isn't conclusive enough now is it?   My view. Life is a line, a collection of dots. Each dot representative of an origin, a beginning, a start. It can be the start to a day, to an hour to anything. It's just a start.... Continue Reading →

Spacetime and Staying Alive

Time flies, we do not understand what it is, but we know it flies, rolling, tumbling, creaking across old floors on monsoon nights, rendering life lifeless, selves lost, and newfound, stars are born, people pass, forgotten to the winds. Time, is thus, always running, but is it running out? We now know time is relative,... Continue Reading →

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